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5th March 2019 6:30am - Breakfast at Sunrise
Guest Presenters: Maree Adshead, Terri Cooper, Paula Brand, Tanya Meessmann
2nd April 2019 6:30am - Business at Sunrise
Guest Presenter Neil Glentworth
1st October 2019 6:30am - Breakfast at Sunrise
Guest Presenter Greg Gladman

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Next Guest Speaker

Next Guest Speaker

Guest Presenters: Maree Adshead, Terri Cooper, Paula Brand, Tanya Meessmann

The Influence of Women in Business and Leadership: Panel Discussion

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Previous Speaker

Previous Speaker

Guest Presenter Kurek Ashley

Guaranteed Growth for Your Business

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President's Report

SEBCC President Ray Strong

Wrap up from

With 2019 now in full swing, it was timely to have an inspiring presentation from guest presenter, Kurek Ashley - recognized as one of the premier experts in personal and professional development, self-discovery and peak performance.

Kurek's presentation focused on how to achieve guaranteed growth for your business, or indeed, for any area of your life where you'd like to achieve more.

For me, biggest kudos for the power and enduring impact of Kurek's presentation came from a comment by Terri Cooper. She said, "You know, I had Kurek come and speak at my events year on year for ten years, and still today, I took away from that exactly what I needed to hear right now."

The key takeaways I personally got from Kurek's message:

  • The Money is in the Follow THROUGH, not the follow to.
  • To achieve any new goal, you must develop a new mindset and new skill-sets, through Education, Application and Follow Through.
  • Success is easy when you make it a habit.

As President, and on behalf of the South-East Brisbane Chamber, I am very grateful for the presence and energy Kurek brought to the event and the wisdom he so generously shared with us. Kurek is a true master of his craft and shares his message openly, and authentically without hype and fanfare, which is refreshing. 

Also this month, Shaleen Wharton from the Regional Development Australia came and spoke to us about the ASBAS program. These are a wonderful series of workshops aimed at up-skilling small business owners across all areas of business operations including marketing and new technology.

The South-East Brisbane Chamber is here to support our members succeed in business and we are proud to collaborate with organisations like Regional Development Australia to provide our members access to workshops that will actually help business owners do better in business.

I will share details of how you can register for upcoming ASBAS events in my next email.

New Members & Renewed Members
  • CCIQ (New)
  • Coorparoo Secondary College (New)
  • Gumnut Toys (Renewed)
  • Management for Technology (Renewed)
  • Mortgage Box (Renewed)
  • Villanova Players (Renewed)
A huge thank you to our new and renewed members. Your support and engagement with the South-East Brisbane Chamber of Commerce is gratefully received. It is the continued strength and engagement of our membership that drives a connected, local business community. 

Did you know?

Businesses with less than $2mil turnover have 30% higher failure rates than those with turnover greater than $2mil.

But only 1.4% of businesses with turnover less than $2mil in 2016FY, turned over more than $2mil in 2017FY.

If bigger is better, why aren't businesses growing?

….Because they are too busy working in the business dealing with customers and staff…
….Because they don't have time to look outside of their business long enough to see what's working in other businesses and apply it to their own…
….Because they don’t know who to turn to for advice when seeking help

Your Chamber Committee and I are committed to making business better for our members and our local community. 

My goal is to facilitate a space where local business members can connect with each other, be inspired by what's possible for them in their business, and have opportunities to engage with business leaders and government who influence policy and regulation decisions which impact on small business owners.

I am a passionate advocate for small business. In my professional role, I work very closely with business owners and I am constantly inspired by what I see as their Hero's journey. The blood, sweat and tears that goes into building a small business is no easy feat. The passion for their work, their family and their community is a daily inspiration for me.

As President, I see my role as primarily being the voice for our community of "everyday heroes". In order for that to happen, I'm very keen to get to know you and would love to connect either over the phone, or over coffee about the issues important to you.

Please reach out to me at I really look forward to connecting with you.  

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