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SEBCC Young Entrepreneur Award

SEBCC supports school our members through our young entrepreneur award. Each year one recipient from each member school is awarded a prize for being the schools Young Entrepreneur. The students are judged on initiative, determination and commitment to their business idea. These are the life skills that any young entrepreneur needs to be successful in business. The winners are prompted through the chamber to the local business community and political representatives, as well as to Commerce Queensland. These awards can provide the steppingstone for students to commence the path toward their business dream. SEBCC maintains a list of local businesses that are willing and prepared to provide work experience and work placement opportunities to students. The member schools can access the business registry and nominate areas of interest and student availability. This provide a simple means of matching business students with local businesses.

This year, the chamber will select 4 winners who will gain access to the BOP Young Entrepreneurs Hub Incubators Day, run by Scott Millar, the first winner of the SEBCC Young entrepreneurs' program. After Scott won our young entrepreneurs award in 2017, he went on to start his very own tech start-up. Since launching the education space in 2018, Scott and his team have worked with over 40,000 students in over 36 locations around the world as they help young people develop their 21st-century skills around entrepreneurship, innovation, and STEM to prepare them for the workforce of the future. Scott has featured in many magazines and has even presented his very own Ted Talk. The lucky students who win this award will take part in a day-long workshop held at the Young Entrepreneurs Hub and will create a great opportunity for to spark their ideas into real-world businesses. Over the course of the day, students will be working with the BOP team to develop their business idea and build a launch strategy. Throughout the day they will be hearing from entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and advisors as they gain real world knowledge to apply to their businesses.

If you would like to register for this years program, simply click the link below:


Previous Years Winners

Balmoral State High School - Paige Booth Year 12 student

Paige demonstrates leadership through her role as School Vice-Captain and achieves to a very high standard in her Accounting & Legal studies and intends going to University to study Law/Commerce next year.

Cannon Hill Anglican College - Haili Lawton Year 7 student

Haili has designed a pet collar to protect pets - Protect Ur Pet. The collar has a camera, sensor and GPS tracker and has 3 protective modes of run, glow and vibrate for your pet. The collar has a connecting App which allows the pet's owner to change and adjust the settings. Haili has created a website and the funds will go towards upgrading the site and the App.

Loreto College - Sophie Plumridge Year 12 student

Sophie has achieved outstanding results in her year 12 academic studies having been awarded a Very High Achievement in both Accounting and Economics, with a rung placement in this band of 10. This is the highest result any student can receive in a Senior School Subject. Sophie hopes to study a Bachelor of Business specialising in Finance or Accountancy at QUT next year. Her goal is to take her passion for business and entrepreneurship to an International level.

Whites Hill State College - Sarah Britten Year 12 student

Sarah has commenced an affiliate marketing start up producing Youtube videos, initially on teenagers struggling with skin problems. She intends using affiliate marketing links in the description field that will send interested viewers to the product sites where they can purchase trusted products she recommends. Any sales produce an affiliate commission and once sufficient funds are generated she intends creating her own brand.

Balmoral State High School - Jett Candy

Jett established his own freelance design business in 2015 and has been gaining an online reputation over the last couple of years as a graphic designer. Jett has 250 followers on Instagram and was invited to join Dribble an exclusive invitation only network of designers by a professional designer in the UK.

Jett has established a solid foundation to develop his business as he studies a bachelor of design at Griffith University next year. (@jdcgraphicx)

Cannon Hill Anglican College - John Hatfield

John has played a key role at CHAC in 2017 by building student interest in entrepreneurship and innovation through running discussion and project groups bringing together students from across the college. He now intends to take this interest in entrepreneurship further with the establishment of the Young Entrepreneurs Network. John recently received the Peter Doherty Award for outstanding senior STEM student an award received by just 15 students state wide for excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and maths and is already networking widely with potential young innovators and entrepreneurs. The network will ultimately provide a place for young entrepreneurs to meet, brainstorm ideas, problem solve and network as well as provide connections to industry professionals, mentors and business strategy advice to its member. The college will be seeking to work closely with John beyond school for the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Holland Park State High School - Cameron Bryer

Cameron is a year 10 student who has established his own photography business known as Cameron Bryer Photos. Any income earned from photo shoots so far has been reinvested into additional equipment to expand the business and services offered. Cameron promotes his business through his facebook page. He is also a fine musician and great role model for other students.

Loreto College - Chelsea Wood

Chelsea has shown a natural aptitude for entrepreneurship achieving a VHA achievement in both Accounting and Economics. She is planning to study Business/Commerce at university next year. Chelsea presented a 300 word paper on why business education is important as part of her selection for the award. The following is an excerpt from her piece:

'Business isn't just a subject I can choose to take at school or university, it is the backbone to how our modern world works. It's the foundation of how our communities thrive and how we can ensure our lifestyles are sustainable. A business education provides the fundamental concepts and processes to small and big companies in order to help them compete and succeed in the modern world'

Whites Hill State College - Brooke Fisher-Puru

Brooke is a social influencer who has gained a following on Instagram and Snapchat, infact 60,000 people follow her on snapchat. Due to the number of followers, Brooke has been approached by multiple businesses to promote their products which has enabled her to earn an income. The level of interest from businesses is growing from around the world and during the year she was approached by Fashion Nova to work on a piece of clothing with them. Brooke is planning on starting her own clothing and makeup lines and is currently working on her website.

Brooke has also been mentoring others to enable them to become social influencers and promote items on social media.

CHAC - Mitchell Kehn Year 11 student

Mitchell has his own small video production company called Vermillion Visuals and undertakes graphics, filming, editing and live vision work. He has produced videos for a range of clients including filming a John Paul Young concert in Sydney and graphics for a local band. He has developed CHAC's Annual Awards Evening video production for the past 3 years and is hoping to commence university studies in animation while completing Year 12 next year.

Balmoral State high school - Anna Wojciechowski Year 12 student

Anna is a year 12 student and the schools Business student of the year achieving Very High Achievements in both Accounting and Business Organisation and Management.

Whites Hill State College - Sasha Richters-Hendy Year 12 student

Following in her sisters footsteps Sasha has commenced her own Disability Support business and currently cares for 3 families - a 23 yo boy and 60 yo man who both have cerebral palsy, a 7 yo boy who has Angelman Syndrome who requires high needs care on a day to day basis and a 10 yo girl with dravett syndrome who requires high needs care 24/7. Sasha currently works Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4.30 to 10pm and both Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 5pm and occasional other shifts.

Loreto College

Have contributed the funds towards The Mary Ward Bursary which is a full tuition bursary presented to one Year 11 student every year, whose current family and/or financial circumstances prevent them from sending their daughter to a Catholic secondary school for her two senior years. Over the past two years, with the generous support of the SEBCC, Loreto has been fortunate to give two young ladies a head start on their journeys to studying accounting and criminology. To accept the donation will be Olivia Rogers the College's 2017 Co-Captain.