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Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies is defined as being technologies which change and impact the way in which 'business as usual' operates. These technologies can belong to a range of industries, from medicine to farming. However, most of us come into contact with disruptive technologies every day. We might engage with it ourselves, know someone who engages with it or see it from a far.

As a small business owner, understanding these technologies and their impact can make an exceptional difference in how your business navigates and reaches your audiences.

While you might be less interested in advanced robotics and materials, you might be interested to know that some of these emerging disruptive technologies have been in circulation for some time now. While Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest might not be directly defined as ‘disruptive technologies’ it utilises DT such as mobile internet, cloud technology and the Internet of Things.

But what does all this mean for you and for your business?

Below is a collection of diagrams, tables and links which might help you to decide how relevant these technologies might be for you and your business.

Business Type Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram Mobile Web Time- HR/Week
Accounting 1/2
Architecture 2
Arts 3
Banking 1/2
Business Coaching 3
Communication 3
Computer Repairs 1/2
Construction 1/2
Driving School 1/2
Electrician 1/2
Government 3
Insurance 1/2
Investment & Finance 2
Lawyers 1
Locksmith 1/2
Marketing 4
Pest Control 1/2
Real Estate 3
Schools & Education 1
Sports & Recreation 3
Technology 3
Travel & Tourism 3

Social media statistics

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Social media comparison infographic

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